Pilates is a movement experience which aims to reveal the layers of somatic sensation residing in our bones and tissues. We call on this practice for our self-discovery, healing, and joy. It challenges us to create a unique vocabulary : one able to articulate our kinaesthetic journey and all its many nuances.

Pilates is not merely a series of choreographed shapes, but rather an efficient movement medium seeking out the places we’ve encountered mediocrity on the physical plane. It begins with the pelvis - the center, the hub.  Henceforth, to teach Pilates is to help others identify the way in which his/her conditioned patterns of movement hinder the fullness of being alive. We are agents of movement and movement educators. We do not aim to fix but rather suggest new movement and movement sequencing and thus facilitate insight on the bodily plane. We celebrate our humanness through the flowering and evolution of learning via the medium of the body.