Before working with Samantha I was in constant pain from an old injury that had been misdiagnosed for years. I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder, and numbness down my arm. It seemed that everything was a trigger.  It had been 7 years since I’d been able to do the most mundane tasks like mop my floor without more pain.

Samantha has helped me to identify my triggers and therefore avoid them ; strengthen my core muscles including my deep neck muscles which hadn’t been properly used in so long ; and reduce my pain down to the point that I actually forget about it sometimes.

Now I know what triggers to avoid and how to get out of pain quickly, if things flare up.  I sleep better, I’m stronger and I can do things that I haven’t done in years - like sleep on my right side. Plus, I was able to exchange the memory foam pillow for a more comfortable one;)

Christa Cheverie





Samantha is very professional and an amazing pilates instructor...so good that I had to seek her out after changing studios. She is tough and lovable at the same time which is what you need in an instructor. She knows her stuff.  Being a massage therapist, I am in both amazement and awe regarding her expanse of knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology, yet she has a way of delivering this knowledge on a level where everyone can understand. She works well with personal injuries and has a way of adapting exercises for all capabilities to make the exercise affective. Add to all that her sweet, funny and kind nature, and you'l just want to turn up for another one of her sessions. You are sure to be rewarded with a fabulous workout and will certainly leave with sweat on your brow and a smile in your heart.

Wendy Akerboom





Samantha is a highly skilled and very intuitive instructorI came to her with chronic joint pain and a case of “frozen shoulder.”  I’d never worked with a trainer before, but she made me feel comfortable right away, understood exactly what I was experiencing, asked really good questions, and was able to quickly focus on the areas that needed attention.  She seems to have a solid plan for every session, but is also very flexible in attuning herself to one’s abilities and limitations.  As someone who works with learning disabled adults, I can see that she has a clear vision of what can be achieved to bring someone to a higher level of function.  I have no hesitation in commending Samantha as an excellent pilates instructor. 

        Steve Lebo 



        Samantha is the complete package: knowledgeable, energetic, strong and... so very funny.

        She is truly inspiring to work with. After one or two classes you will wonder how you

        survived this long without her.

         Jena L.




Samantha has a remarkable energy, a shrewd eye for bodily detail and a very large bag of tricks that restores my energy and range regularly. Having done both small and large groups, individual, and for the last year ‘couples’, sessions with her; I am her devotee. She has a capacity to read the body, our bodies, that illuminates and revives.   

        Sonja Greckol  



I came to Samantha to get help after being diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD). She had the expertise to guide me through "safe" movements in such a way that I was able to significantly improve my condition. Samantha's skill and enthusiasm and energy helped me persevere, so that I developed much improved muscle tone and core stability. I found a great improvement in my endurance, and a noticeable reduction of the chronic pain that goes along with DDD. My doctors and physiotherapist noted and commented on the positive change in my muscle tone and fitness.

         Thanks Sam!

         Janus Lebo




I’ve been taking Pilates classes on and off with Samantha for a number of years and she continues to impress me with her knowledge of the human body and movement.  As a dance instructor myself I appreciate how effortlessly she structures her classes – which are never exactly the same – and provides modifications and individual attention to all.  Samantha is always warmly encouraging and seems to attract dedicated students who value her focus and professionalism.

          Julie Epplett
          Dancer/Dance Instructor

When I met Samantha and discovered Pilates I had no idea what lay ahead. I was broken. A breast cancer survivor, struggling with medication side effects, I also had joint issues.  I was in desperate need of low impact exercise.  Aquafit was the only option presented to me by my doctors. Although I love the water, Aquafit was not appealing. Then along came Samantha and Pilates.  Samantha has been quick to modify exercises to meet my needs.  She has been patient and compassionate. Samantha has seen me through two arthroscopic knee surgeries and two carpal tunnel release operations. I have been able to return to her classes within a week or two of the surgeries because Samantha's knowledge and experience has made it easy for her to teach me variations on exercises to keep them within my physical limitations.

Now the good stuff. My core strength is the best it has ever been. I have flexibility I never dreamed possible. I have 'grown' 1/2 inch. And the best thing?  The mood elevating benefits of excercise have helped me get through some rough times.

I love Pilates.


Susan H








Samantha invests in knowing all of her students' strengths and weaknesses.  This results in a slightly different class every time as she modifies the class to the participants.  Her whole body approach equally incorporates strengthening and rehabilitation making her classes approachable to all fitness levels.       



An injury suffered in 2005 lead me to take up Pilates after having completed other forms of physiotherapy. Having taken classes with many Pilates instructors I can say without hesitation that Samantha is an outstanding instructor not only because of her tremendous knowledge and experience as a teacher but she is also outstanding for the following reasons:

The routines that she takes her classes through are well crafted and as we move from exercise to exercise, Samantha is able to accurately describe the movement and the resulting impact; just like  when a chef provides you with a recipe and the dish turns out exactly the way the chef described it!  All I can say is that my body feels reinvigorated week after week.

The hour that I spend with Samantha feels both like a class and a one-on-one as she pays great attention to each individual.

Best of all her schedule includes Sundays which is huge for busy mums like me.

Tharwat Awamleh




photo credit (Augusto Rosales)

Samantha is very confident & deliberate in her coaching and it is a pleasure participating in her classes.  She is safe and I always feel good after each work out.

Jonathan Winberg 

Photographer/videographer at Sunset Sesh Productions


After having a double mastectomy due to breast cancer, Pilates' exercises were recommended.  Samantha came highly recommended not only because she is a good teacher but because of her training and experience with the Pink Ribbon Program, specializing in exercises for breast cancer survivors.  My aim was to improve my posture and strengthen my body.  With her gentle guidance and patience, I can feel and see an improvement.  I now experience the same range of movement as I had before surgery.  I have full feeling in the areas that were left numb or tender after surgery.  And my posture has improved.  I have experienced positive psychological benefits as well, because I feel more comfortable with my body.

I highly recommend Samantha to any breast cancer survivor. You will find yourself in expert and caring hands. 

Samantha has supplemented our classes together with exercises I can do by myself, at home.

Debbie Harris



I have been attending Samantha's Pilates classes for the last 6 months. After just the first class I noticed a lot more movement and ease in my hips, sacrum and pelvis. Over time I developed more flexibility in my spine and strength in my core. Samantha is a wonderful teacher. She provides individual attention and encouragement to each student and gives very clear instructions when introducing new material. I highly recommend Samantha Clayton.

Samantha Heney





Before working with Samantha, I suffered from chronic back and hip pain due to previous injuries. I sought out treatment from several physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors. It wasn't until I began working with Samantha that I found my back pain and overall alignment improve. She created an in depth personal training program with exercises that have not only significantly improved my alignment and over all strength, but has allowed my body to regain its mobility. Plus I can dance like a 16 year old again. 

Lauren Toffan

Pilates, Samantha and Me

I started practicing Pilates with Samantha in July 2011. As a grandmother I found I was not as strong as I was as a young mother, so needed to build up endurance and the strength to carry and care for my grand-daughter. In the 6 months we’ve been working together Samantha has helped me to surprise myself with achievements. Now I can do a side plank easily for instance and in the beginning had trouble getting enough abs strength together for getting out of the bathtub! I thank Samantha for her watchful eye and great kindness for the huge distance I’ve travelled in my journey  to fitness. Samantha Clayton is a tough, experienced and thoughtful teacher who has pushed me gently toward enjoying the hard work of rebuilding my muscles and posture. As a 54 yr old, I am confident now that I won’t roll downhill easily into a helpless state. With Samantha’s knowledge and careful guidance I am regaining my physical self and building an active awareness of my muscles.

Michelle W 


I highly recommend Samantha Clayton for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, she is an excellent instructor who guides you through the exercises using wonderfully inventive visualizations and who tailors the routine to your specific needs. She closely monitors your form to make sure that you get the maximum out of the exercises -- nothing escapes her critical gaze, whether it's that stubborn hip or errant elbow that are out of alignment. You always feel safe, which is nice because your body has been doing some crazy stuff to you and it’s hard after treatment to gage what your body needs and maybe even what it’s capable of. Samantha is actively interested in all aspects of the post-operative condition and uses her contacts to source information when you have a question or a concern. Last and by no means least, she is very funny, which is no small thing when you've been through the emotional wringer that is breast cancer.  



I am a great admirer of Samantha who has been my Pilates Trainer for several years.  Her skills are in two areas: Personally, she relates well and gives appropriate feedback.  She is creative and interesting. Every session is different and the hour passes quickly.  In terms of exercise, she can challenge you to extend your range, always aware of your personal strengths and limitations.  I am 83 years old and have various structural issues which Samantha is very attuned to.

Samantha goes beyond Pilates to focus on your special needs with emphasis on good posture, core work and mobility.  Our work together has definitely improved my ability to stay active.