The Reformer is a sophisticated apparatus most essential to the Pilates equipment experience (aside the Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Arc Barrel).  It works eccentrically - the simultaneous stretching & strengthening of both spine and limbs.  




All planes and positions of movement are used: flexion (forward bending), extension (back arching), torsion (twisting), and lateral flexion (side bending).  You will sit, lie, stand, twist, whilst pushing & pulling via loops, pulleys, and various other surfaces of the apparatus.



  • Lengthened muscles
  • Increased strength
  • Spinal traction
  • Refined posture
  • Improved joint range of motion and overall flexibility
  • Enhanced self-image




Were you aware that the roots of the Pilates regimen are rehabilitative in nature? The design of the Reformer was developed in WWI during Joseph Pilates’ internment as a German enemy alien in England. Working as a nurse, he set about strengthening all non-ambulatory patients from a supine position : Pilates hooked the bed springs to the ceiling and voila, his program of rehabilitative exercise was born!  There you have it, the original blueprint for the Reformer was based on a simple hospital bed originating from the early 1900s! 

Today Pilates is a common addition to any exercise or wellness program for people afflicted with Parkinson’s, MS, and various other auto immune conditions.  Since the Pink Ribbon Program was implemented in 2004, Pilates has helped many women recover successfully from breast cancer.