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"Samantha is the ultimate Pilates Instructor. She has an exceptional understanding of the art with‎ impeccable attention to detail ."   - Peter Suchanek (Mediator) 


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Samantha Clayton is a fitness professional fully certified through The National Pilates Certification Program - the only standardized certification body in all of North America.  She possesses close to 20 years in the field of health & wellness. Samantha completed her training in "The Original Method" or Classical Pilates, in upstate New York in early 2000. Ms. Clayton is both a Barre and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Instructor sought out by some of Toronto's most reputable corporations and fitness facilities including CBC, The Adelaide Club, Pure Fitness, The Pink Studio and Toronto Yoga Mamas.

Although the extent of her private teaching is therapeutic in nature, her group classes are popular with those seeking condition-based results. She was commissioned to create a teacher-training mat program for the North York YMCA several years ago. Her concern for the aging demographic led her to design an "Osteopilates" class at a popular downtown gym.

Having received her Pink Ribbon Certification twelve years ago, Samantha continues to teach individuals challenged by a variety of conditions – predominantly those living with breast cancer and auto immune disease. As a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (BCES), Samantha's focus lies in assisting her clients in the post-surgery phase of treatment where emphasis is placed on improving range of motion, restoring both posture and confidence, and gradually rebuilding strength. She considers movement in all its forms to be an honest teacher, where each participant - no matter her ability - is proactive in her own self-discovery & healing. 



Samantha is also a brand ambassador for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods!


Samantha has experience working with the following populations and conditions: 

  • Knee and hip replacement
  • Hyper mobility
  • Sports related injuries
  • Pre/Post natal 
  • Breast cancer (post-operative)
  • Mechanical low back pain 
  • Repetitive strain injuries 
  • Stenosis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson's


Samantha received a Certificate in Human Anatomy through the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) after completing two comprehensive cadaver dissection courses.  She continues to build her knowledge of the body through specialty courses and holds Continuing Education Credits (CEC's) in the following: Postural Analysis, Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Pilates  & Scoliosis, Pilates for Special Needs, the Neurophysiology of Pilates, Stroke Post-Rehab and Hip Replacements.



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